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Design Tool FAQs

What areas of the world does WRLD include? How do I request an area to be added to WRLD?

Current Map Coverage can be found here. We build out new areas for our maps based on customer demand - so be sure to vote for your preferred areas and please get in touch if you need currently unavailable coverage. We can prioritise new areas based on commercial agreement.

How do I create an Indoor Map?

A series of 3 video tutorials walk you through the process of using our Map Upload tool in conjunction with Open Source QGIS software. A longer tutorial document can be followed here. And finally the WRLD building service can do the heavy lifting for you if required.

How do I add Points of Interest to my map?

Points of Interest are added to your map via the Places Designer Tool. The Places Designer tutorial video walks you through the process of creating Points of Interest and adding them to your map in more detail.

How do I customise the look of my map?

The theme tab in our Map Designer tool allows you to select a theme for your map. The Map Designer tutorial video walks you through the process of customising your maps in more detail.

How do I share my map?

The short URL (e.g. for your map is the link you use to share it or include it in your projects. The Map Designer tutorial video walks you through sharing your maps in more detail.

Developer SDK FAQs

Where can I find the WRLD Unity SDK, I can't find it on the Unity Asset Store?

You can download the WRLD Unity sdk here. A getting started guide is available on our Developer Documents webpage.

Does WRLD support Linux?

No, WRLD does not currently support Linux.

Can I use WRLD Javascript SDK on mobile?

Yes, but we recommend our native SDKs for a slicker mobile experience.

Does WRLD support AR?

Yes, we have guides for Unity ARKit and Unity AR Core.

Can I download WRLD maps for use offline?

No, because of data vendor licensing. But you can use the pre-caching feature. See our JavaScript, iOS, Android and Unity guides on this.

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